Author: Fibershed

Kentucky Veterans Cultivate a Hemp Resurgence

Story by Ongeleigh Underwood of Fibershed Southeast, photos by Megan Hollenbeck. Activists, farmers, and lawmakers gather at a rural farm in Rockcastle county in Eastern Kentucky, some of whom have been working towards the right to plant industrial hemp for decades. All sub-species of the Cannabis plant were made illegal in 1938, and progress to […]

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Pokeberry Bliss

The 150 mile wardrobe challenge¬†was a process of invention, innovation, risk and problem solving that existed and continues to exist under an umbrella of unknowns that perseveres in birthing both deeply beautiful garments and equally in depth questions about our material future. The Fibershed project that sponsored the 150-mile wardrobe is now a non-profit organization […]

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