Thank you to all who joined us in December, 2013, to celebrate our regional ‘soil-to-skin’ design, utilizing raw farmed fiber from our local ‘Greater Bay Area’ farm and rangelands. Groups of local designers and farmers created some spectacular garments for the fashion show that beautifully express the language of our landscape, and are made entirely of wool and organic cotton grown on local farms, and dyed with locally grown natural dyes.

We are building a regional fiber system much like the work being done to localize food systems—we see the importance of celebrating, while educating our community about the importance of using natural local resources to create clothing for local populations. Given the state of our synthetic and exploitative fashion industry, it is vital to articulate and model a working alternative to ‘fast fashion’ that supports our local artisans, farmers, ranchers, and the health and wellbeing of our community of wearers.

Photos of the event can be seen in a blog post by photographer Paige Green, or on our Facebook page.

1-The Designers
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3-The Location