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Bio Hue

Judi forages, purchases, or grows the materials for the art materials as mindfully and sustainably as possible.

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Owl Oak Acres

Owl Oak Acres will be offering Merino fleece commercially and to Northern California community spinners.  We will also be breeding our stock for sale to ranches and families who are looking to try their hand at raising wool sheep. Owl Oak Acres (or Owl Oaks) was established in 2015, when our family decided that we […]

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Uptown Alpacas

In 2006 we purchased 3 alpaca females from Great Northern Ranch in Montana, all 3 females were born in Alberta, Canada. These 3 females formed the basis of our herd.

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Sierra Rose Alpacas

Our purpose is to create a vibrant and sustainable ranch where we lovingly breed, care for and sell quality alpacas, educate and support our customers, and produce and sell “Made in America” Alpaca products.

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HexenWald Ranch

Nestled in the hills of Santa Cruz, HexenWald Ranch is our sanctuary away from the hectic life in the city.

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