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Are you a Fibershed farmer or artisan wanting to let people know that your work supports regional agriculture, a local and fair economy, and ecological balance? Consider joining the Fibershed Producers Program.

In 2016 our producer program will continue to support and focus on education and outreach to our community on the benefits of carbon farming, including: how we can increase water holding capacity in our soils, increase forage production, and produce carbon ‘sequestering’ fiber. We will continue to travel to member farms and studios to hear your stories and retell them on our blog.

Fibershed Producers follow these guidelines:

  • All fiber is farmed/sourced within the Northern California Fibershed region (see map)
  • All botanic dye is farmed/sourced within the Northern California Fibershed region (see map)
  • All labor is sourced is the Northern California Fibershed region (see map)


  • Until the region has its own cotton and fine gauge wool milling facility, Fibershed verifies goods from farmers that have had to send their raw material out of the area for milling.
  • Sewing thread and most notions are also not yet manufactured in our region, Fibershed verifies goods from artisans whose thread and notions are from out of the area

Fibershed Certified Product tags (actual size 2.75″ x 1.375″)

Benefits of the $40 annual membership fee:

  • a page on the Fibershed website that includes a brief bio or statement, a photo, and a link to your website or blog
  • a listing on our Farm Producer or Artisan Directory
  • invitation to have a vendor booth at select Fibershed events
  • Fibershed Certified Product tags (up to 100 free tags each year that you are a paid member, plus additional tags at our cost of $8 per 50 tags)
  • a Fibershed Certified Producer web badge
  • 10% member’s discount on all Fibershed events and classes

Certified Producer Signs (additional fee)

  • Made of bamboo with laser engraving
  • 15″ wide x 10″ tall x 1/4 inch thick
  • Cost $115 per sign (including tax and shipping)
Producer Sign

Certified Producer sign (actual size 15″ x 10″)


Tags and signs are a great way to communicate to customers your commitment to working within our bioregion. We have seen a growing number of customers looking for locally grown materials, and Fibershed tags are a great way to verify your work!

How to join:
Download this form: ProducerApplication 2016
Please print it, fill in the information requested, and send it with your check to: Fibershed, P.O. Box 221, San Geronimo, CA 94963

You may also complete the form, email a copy to, and submit payment via the button below:

21 Responses to Producer Program

  1. HI Rebecca, I would like to join and received the tags, so I can put them on the Local Pastures’ and Bo-Rage Yarns’ sweaters. I am sending $40 now. Thanks, Marlie

  2. Kathy Varian says:

    I just sent you a comment and then filled out the mailing list info and hit join now and this part disappeared so I don’t know if you got it. So here I go again.
    You came to our farm some time ago and purchased some wool and introduced us to the Fibershed Project. I just recently saw your project mentioned and looked you up. I was wondering if we would be accepted into the producers. If you don’t remember us we live in Willits, Mendocino county. We have sheep mostly Cormos and Merinos. We would be interested in joining your project if we qualify.
    Sincerely, Kathy Varian

    • ecologicalartist says:

      Hi Kathy!

      Yes, I remember you completely. If you download the form, and send it to us we will register you for our program.

      There are details on the form related to the benefits… so just let us know what you’d like by filling out the form.

      And when we receive it, we will send you your information.

      Many thanks!

  3. Renee Finney says:

    Hi, I am going to print the application and send it in with the producer’s application fee. I just heard about you and your program yesterday from someone at Cranberry Moon Farm back east, interestingly enough. Am very excited to know about your organization. I raise alpacas (huacaya and suri) as well as Icelandic, Romney and CVM sheep and two token Angora goats. I also have friends who I trade fleece with, who have Wensleydale, Cotswold, Merino, Corriedale, and Leister Longwools, so I have a wide range of fibers available. I teach all kinds of fiber arts classes and work with young people to teach them “where their clothing and other textiles come from” …other than WalMart!

    • ecologicalartist says:

      Hi Renee!

      We are so excited to hear from you. Your work is wonderful, and we are so glad you are going to be a producer in our new program, we look forward to promoting everything that you are doing in this world, and are grateful that you are doing it!

      Many thanks,
      Rebecca Burgess

  4. Joseph VaughnPerling says:

    I have an alpaca ranch in california (Ventura/Malibu area) and we sheer/card/spin/felt/weave the fiber ourselves and friends and family.
    Am not sure we are within your area to join your project, but very much appreciate the notion. Keep doing what you are doing and good luck.

  5. Lauren Ohlsen says:

    Sending in my producers form tomorrow!

  6. Leslie Adkins says:

    Hi there,
    Today I have sent in my producer’s application along with some fiber samples for your survey. I shepherd a multi-colored spinning flock including 6 icelandic sheep, 1 shetland sheep, 2 fiber goats, 1 llama and 1 suri alpaca. This spinning flock was formerly resident at the Inverness Valley Inn and 0ur new no-kill mini-eco farm is called Heart Felt Fiber Farm. Once we get completely established here we will be producing and selling a variety of raw fleeces, rovings, yarns and some finished products (knitted, felted and woven).
    Thank you,
    Leslie Adkins

    • fibershed says:

      Hi Leslie, So glad to have you in our producer’s program! I’ll be in touch again when we receive your application.

  7. Lorien says:

    Dear Rebecca and all CA producers/creators!

    I am so happy to see this and am in So Cal at this time, in Laguna Beach area… I am an artist and designer and would love to source from my regional Fiibershed.

    I am starting where I currently am, without re-locating… so, I am curious about the So Cal Fibershed Producers, the tags and moving forward.

    I am looking forward to collaborating and sharing my Fibershed products and being a proud Certified Fibershed Producer.
    Renee, I love what you are doing back east. Beautiful and inspiring! Everyone!

    Feeling hopeful,


  8. Katya says:

    Hi, there.
    Looking forward to seeing some of you again at the Fibershed Symposium—-I just bought my ticket. I went on the Fibershed tour not long ago, which was very inspiring!!
    I am a fiber artist, mostly working with dry needle felting techniques. I have been sourcing all my raw and processed wool from our local fibershed for years. Not sure what took me so long to join via the producers page…. mostly I was considering getting studio space at 25th street collective, but am priced out. I have dropped the form and a check in the mail :-)
    Katya Madrid

  9. Arvada Spina says:

    I have two cashgora and 10 angora goats. Do you know of any classes that can teach me how to process the Fiber?

  10. Renee Finney says:

    I am outside of Sacramento, and teach processing classes for the person with goat fiber…

  11. Beverly Fleming says:

    does anyone know of a local shearer (Sonoma/Napa County) that’s available?

  12. Hi I totally support this project! I am a pattern maker and I encourage any members to contact me if you need patterns made for your fiber shed projects! Weaving and sewn only sorry no knitting :-) Tracy

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