Chico Flax Project

Chico, CA

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Our objectives and goals include:

1. Create a Seed Bank to provide Flax seed to Northern California.

To grow flax as a winter crop relying on rain for water rather than depleting our water source during times of drought. We are currently trying two different varieties.

2. Outreach through education and research; develop curriculum for research to produce high quality flax at both Chico State University and Butte Community College Departments of Agriculture and Art. Outreach throughout our Fibershed to encourage flax production.

3. Work with Farmers. Experimenting different climate zones from valley floor to foothill environments.

4. Create a mini-mill where farmers can bring their flax to be processed within our Fibershed. The mill will process the flax; retted plant to spun linen yarns.

5. Create cottage industries for the handweaver/small industrial looms to provide a finished fabric with our linen. Yarns for knitters and textile artisans.

6. Grow natural dye plants suitable for linen.

Photo Credit: Chico Flax Project