Free Hand Farm

Placerville, CA

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We raise healthy food & fiber because we believe it is a great way to serve each other, build community, heal the land and build fertile soil.  Along with delicious lamb, our Jacob and Jacob cross ewes and rams also produce handsome, chemical-free fleeces. They are carefully shorn each spring to keep them cool and comfortable, and their fiber is an amazing product. Wool has antimicrobial, antifungal and flame-resistant qualities, and is produced in a way that actually benefits the ecosystem–unlike synthetic fibers. It will keep you warm even when wet, and is lovely to look at and feel. Our flock is bred for mothering instinct, wool quality, and hardiness.

  • We use livestock guardian dogs to protect our sheep and solar technology to protect our hens so that we can live with and around predators like pumas, coyotes, bobcats and bears without harming them.
  • We do not use synthetic chemicals or fertilizers on the farm.
  • We practice management that mimics natural patterns to build soil, increase wildlife habitat, and raise healthy, hardy livestock.
  • We use fencing and watering technology developed in New Zealand to decrease our water use and keep our whole farm system portable.

We’ve had some awesome mentors and helpers along the way, and we continue to pursue excellence in farming through ongoing study. Stop by the farm sometime and say hi!