Full Circle Wool

Bodega, CA

Website  www.fullcirclewool.com
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Sourced from Stemple Creek Ranch and Jensen Ranch, in Tomales, CA.  Full Circle Wool is a brand begun to demonstrate the uses of Climate Beneficial wool, and to close the circle of soil-to-soil products.  From the ground in Marin, to the grass, to the sheep, to the mills and makers, to the consumer, to the compost and back into the ground.  This wool comes from well-tended sheep raised in Northern CA, benefiting the landscape, climate, and local economy.  Dedicated to transparency, you can find out more about the ranchers, Loren & Jim, and their animals online and on Instagram: @stemplecreek & @jimjjensen

Full Circle Wool is located at hand made studio, in the tiny town of Bodega, CA.  Visit in person on Wednesdays for outlet pricing!

Photo Credit: Paige Green