Petaluma, CA

Article on the blog: Knitting by Radius

Knitterly is a yarn shop in Petaluma, California, filled with highly curated fibers from near and far. Stepping inside Knitterly, knitters find inspiration in the narratives behind each farm yarn, and the sample garments that perfectly showcase the wearability and color combinations.

Over the years, Shelli has worn many hats. She really is the ‘Jane of all trades’. She was the stay at home Mom who coached softball, helped with her daughter’s Girl Scout troop, drove her kids to surf camp, and also, let them be independent. She had a successful landscaping business, among other ventures throughout the years. Her knitting career started as a kid with her Grandmother, Thelma. And then, around the year 2000, Shelli rekindled her love of knitting and began taking every knitting class she could find and diving headlong into her new love… Fibers!

Knitterly started off in 2004 in a tiny tiny corner of another shop called ‘shelter’, then moved to a bigger, that’s an understatement, building a few doors down. Two years later, Knitterly moved the shop again. This time to it’s final home, #1 Fourth street! And now, as of February 15, 2014, they have an additional home, the internet!

Photo Credit: Paige Green