Linda Gamble

Bloomfield, CA


All of the yarns for the hand knit lace wear from Spinning in the Wind are handspun on drop spindles.

Many of the fibers I hand process from raw fleece, which includes scouring, combing, and possibly dyeing and blending multiple fibers for color and texture. As of this spring, I began using Puretergent, a locally-owned, plant-based, and chemical-free detergent for the scouring.

The tools used, with the exception of the ball winder, are hand made, primarily by a local toolmaker and woodworker, Tom Spittler. Traditional lace patterns from Estonia, Germany, the Shetlands, Russia, and Japan are the sources of the motifs combined in the garments.

Current projects include shirt and dress designs and teaching drop spindle spinning at Fiber Circle Studio in Cotati, Ca.

Photo Credit: Paige Green