The arc of texture and color for our regional land base is expressed in our plant-based dyes, color grown cottons, and variegated animal fibers that are produced from a diversity of plant and animal species. Natural forms and colors are dependent upon interactive ecological processes and human engagement with these systems.

This year’s Wool Symposium will provide education to the general public about how current textile systems are impacting our health, water, carbon and genetic life and how the replication of decentralized, regional, transparent, and regeneratively produced Fibershed soil-to-skin value chains are a direct alternative to existing industrial models and the havoc these systems have imparted on our personal and global ecology.

We will discuss the scale of the problems, and the scale of the solutions in a short presentation and panel discussion based format.

Our community of farmers, ranchers, artisans, and independently-owned manufacturers produce more than enough material to clothe their communities; they are simply awaiting the cultural and institutional support to do so. With a world rapidly needing to transform its relationship with natural systems, Fibershed models offer direct, immediate and tangible solutions for global water supplies, carbon cycle imbalance, retaining genetic integrity, and personal health.

This year’s Symposium will provide participants both an intellectual and hands-on road map for how we can build our Fibershed together, as a community, and we look forward to seeing you there!

Fibershed Wool Symposium
November 11, 2017
from 9:30 am to 5 pm
at the Dance Palace
Point Reyes Station, CA

Tickets will be available mid-September to Fibershed members & supporters,
and to the public on October 2nd: check back for a direct link.


2017 Wool Symposium artwork by Hallie Rose Taylor
Artwork by Hallie Rose Taylor

Ocean Health

  • Rachael Miller of The Rozalia Project

Bast Fibers and Blends: Solutions to Pollution

  • Mary Wutz of Seam Siren
  • Mary Pettis Sarley of Twirl
  • Lydia Wendt of California Cloth Foundry
  • Sandy Fisher of the Chico Flax Project

Framework for a Just Transition: Daylighting Genetic Editing & Modification within the fiber system

  • Gopal Dayaneni of Movement Generation

Classical Plant Breeding

  • Sally Fox of Vreseis

Mid-day break for Demonstrations

Biological Tracking of Synthetic Compounds in the Textile Industry

  • Gabrielle Black, PhD candidate UC Davis, Molecular Biology

Enhancing & Enriching our Soil-to-Soil System

  • Evan Wiig and Sara Tiffany of California Alliance for Family Farms
  • Ajoy Sarkar of Fashion Institute of Technology
  • Sasha Duerr of Permacouture and California College of the Arts

The high cost of effluent

  • Roger Williams, Producer of the Documentary, River Blue

Internalizing cost

  • Carol Shu, Sustainability Team at The North Face: Products that internalize the cost of carbon
  • Stephany Wilkes, PhD: Costs of accounting for water & carbon in our textile system
  • Kori Hargreaves & Nick Wenner: True Blue Project Overview

Community Updates

Hands-on Demos

Spinning: Robin Chapin Pilatti
Weaving: Ama Wertz
Shearing: Matt Gilbert
Wool Classing: Stephany Wilkes
Angora rabbit display/shearing: Erin Maclean
Mending clothing: Ashley Eva Brock
Felting: Heidi Harris
Flax: Sandy Fisher & Chico Flax Project
Heritage breed display: Mary Pettis-Sarley

Marketplace Vendors

A Verb For Keeping Warm
Myrrhia Fine Knitwear
Sally Fox / Vreseis LTD
Lani Estill / Lani’s Lana
Marlie deSwart / Bo-Rage Yarns & Designs
Hazel Flett
/ Bodega Pastures
Vicki Arns
/ Alpaca Shire
Diane Hoschler
/ Double Diamond Alpacas
Peggy Agnew
/ Red Creek Farm
Sarah Keiser
/ Wild Oat Hollow
Megan Bre Camp
/ Summer Sequoia
Kim Bethel
 /Downhome Handspun Fibers
Deb Galway & Kirk Howard / Menagerie Hill Ranch
Bonnie Chase / Warner Mountain Weavers
Margaret Drew / Stonehenge Llamas
Lynn Moody
/ Blue Oak Canyon Ranch
Sandra Guidi / Black Rock Ranch
Robin Lynde / Meridian Jacobs
Jackie Post / Sheep to Shop
Colleen Simon / Fiber Confections
Sandy Fisher & Team / Chico Flax Project
Mary Pettis-Sarley / Twirl
Carol Frechette / 2Nfrom