Community Supported Cloth

This is a new project that is designed to directly support both our local economy and climate beneficial agriculture through providing the first-ever regionally grown, 100% worsted wool cloth to our community. You’ll have an opportunity to support a new and very experimental economic model for our fiber system that provides the designer, sewer, natural dyer, student, and every-day citizen a direct way to keep ranchers ranching, manufacturers manufacturing, and weavers weaving. (Photos by Paige Green)

sheep at Estill Ranch, photo by Paige Green

Fibershed Knitalong

Build your knowledge of your Fibershed through a collaborative endeavor that will support us all growing closer to the land that shelters us. The Fibershed Knitalong is an invitation to deepen your understanding of your region through connecting with local fiber producers and creating a regionally grown garment with your own two hands. The project launches on November 19th—we look forward to knitting with you. (Photos by Paige Green)

yarn photo by Paige Green

Mill Inventory

Creating soil to soil textiles relies on the collaboration and talents of each piece of the value chain. From the rancher managing the landscape to the wearer caring for an item in their wardrobe, a series of milling processes make fiber into finished goods. Through decades of so-called free trade deals and an expanding market of underpaid labor, the American textile industry has downsized and dwindled, due to an inability to compete with what are known as ‘lowest common denominator standards’ for people and planet. (Photos by Paige Green)

milling photo by Paige Green

Wool Book

The Wool & Fine Fiber Book details the personal narratives and material culture (including raw fiber, yarn, and knit samples), from over 30 of our local farms and ranches.  The Wool Book is a freely accessible document designed to support relationship building between students, designers, brands, the general public and those in our community who manage flocks and herds.  The book has been enjoyed by design students at FIDM, CCA, Parsons and other many other institutions who are working to build both material and personal connections between farm and fashion. (Photos by Paige Green)

wool book photo by Paige Green

Wool Mill Vision

Fibershed’s wool mill vision is the product of one year’s worth of research conducted by a study team of engineers, textile specialists, and the Fibershed staff. We sought to understand the viability of creating a regional milling economy fueled by our homegrown and currently undervalued wool resources. We constructed an ideal technical roadmap for a closed-loop mill design utilizing renewable energy, water recycling, and composting systems. The products from the mill were analyzed and shown to have a high potential for net carbon benefit. (Photos by Paige Green)

wool photo by Paige Green