Our series of Business Curriculum offerings in 2018 was designed to empower Fibershed Producers with basic business, strategic planning, marketing, and financial skills applicable to fiber economy businesses at any stage in development or tenure. We are excited to be able to continue this endeavor through 2019. Our goals are to continue the work we have begun by expanding content into areas of learning that did not fit in the initial training series budget but have been identified as needs of the Fibershed Producer members.

Courses are served “a la carte”, delivered primarily online through live webinars, with 2 of the courses conducted as in-person offerings, and include a suite of practical template-based tools to apply to each specific business.

Courses are accompanied by FREE one-on-one coaching for business and financial operations, techniques, and issues — get in touch to request individual Technical Assistance.

All webinars will be 1-2 hours long. Courses are applicable to Producers at all levels of business experience and are exclusive to Producers with a current membership. 

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Sales Agreements: Getting the Commitment That Works for Your Business

Monday, December 2, 9 am

Educator: Rachel Armstrong JD, Farm Commons      Registration link

See this video on robust sales contracts to know more about this workshop. In this workshop, you will learn how to create a short, accurate sales contract that fits your operation.


Direct Marketing Meat

Tuesday, December 10, 9 am

Educator: Olivia Tincani, O&Co.      Registration link

We will review the how-to’s and pros and cons for the direct-to-consumer and wholesale (restaurant and foodservice) markets, debunking myths of difficulty, hassle, and low-profit potential. Chef communication tactics, creating lasting relationships, scheduling, delivery, and logistics will be covered on the wholesale side. Various sales and marketing options including whole and half animals versus selling cuts, farmers markets, and CSA models will be reviewed for direct-to-consumer channels.


Courses presented by Olivia Tincani & Co
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