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Marshall, CA

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Article on the Blog  Barinaga Ranch – Inspired by Ancestral Traditions

At Barinaga Ranch, my husband, Corey Goodman, and I are continuing the ancient shepherding traditions of my Basque family and ancestors. Our very friendly flock of East Friesian sheep graze year-round on over 100 acres of hilly, certified-organic pastures overlooking Tomales Bay in Marin County. Thanks to our dedicated Great Pyrenees dogs, we have never lost a ewe or lamb to predators, and we are proud to be certified Animal Welfare Approved.

The medium-coarse wool from our high-percentage East Friesian ewes has been praised by spinners for its ease of spinning, and yarn from our wool is especially good for weaving, felting or knitting a variety of projects. Among the wool products we are currently offering are raw fleeces in natural white, natural brown and grey; natural-white pin-drafted roving; sport-weight natural-white and natural-brown yarn; and comforters made with our wool batting. Our other products include lambskin rugs, pasture-raised lamb (sold as whole carcasses), and hogs raised on the whey from our cheese making.

Come meet the sheep in person by booking for one of our ranch tours, held one or two Saturdays per month. See our web site for details about how to buy our products or sign up for a tour.

-Marcia Barinaga

Photo Credit: Paige Green