California Cloth Foundry

San Francisco, CA

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California Cloth Foundry is about trust and creating the most sustainable cloth, and clothes, possible. We are a grassroots company making all natural apparel and textiles that are good for people and planet alike. Within the garment industry “sustainable” is a term in danger of losing currency. Our understanding of sustainability starts with a transparent and well-documented local supply chain that considers the full ecological and social footprint of product development. This means that from farm to fashion each aspect of production has been labeled, barcoded, registered, inspected, and thoughtfully designed to meet the highest ecological and ethical standards. These ethos encompass not only environmentally sustainable fibers and non-toxic processes, but focus on fair wages and healthy working conditions from the agricultural workers on through to the mill and factory employees.  In addition, there are no toxins added during yarn and cloth production or garment manufacturing. This means no harmful chemicals are released into the air or onto the skin of our supply chain partners, their employees, or you, the consumer.


Photo Credit:  CA Cloth Foundry