Canfield Hill Farm Shetlands

Petaluma, CA


Canfield Hill Farm Shetlands is a small operation west of Petaluma. We began caring for sheep more than thirty years ago starting with a flock of mixed breed animals to graze our pastures. Quickly, we came to love the quiet and peaceful respite the sheep and the land provided by our stressful professional careers. As our original flock passed on, we realized a long-held wish to have a small flock of registered Shetlands to help expand the breed in our area and as a source for their wool.  We treasure our ewes and wethers for their beautiful, natural colored wool and their fun personalities.  We have raw fleeces in moorit (reddish brown), black and light grey.  Our wool comes from animals whose well being is given top priority, who live out their natural lives, and who are regarded as beings of inherent worth beyond what they produce.