Crockett Handspun

Crockett, CA

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Crockett Handspun is a small company dedicated to the preservation and promotion of fiber arts. Run by fiber artisan Melanie Perkins, Crockett Handspun uses locally-sourced fiber and dyes.  I try my best to use environmentally responsible processes in my work.  I have been knitting and crocheting since I was six, taught by my mother and grandmother.  I have been spinning and preparing fiber for about seven years.  I do contract spinning and knitting, mostly for local producers.
Want to learn a new skill or take your skills to the next level?  There’s a class for that!
Want to experience the joy of starting with a smelly, dirty fleece and ending with beautiful, one-of-a-kind yarn?  There’s a class for that!
Want help with a project that’s a struggle?  There’s a class for that!
Want to hang out and knit or crochet with other crafters? There’s a class for that, too!
Want private knitting, crocheting, or spinning instruction?  You can find that on our website, too!