Sonrisa Family Farm

Petaluma, CA

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 Sonrisa Family Farms


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Sonrisa Family Farms is a diverse, eight-acre sustainable farm, located a few miles from the heart of Petaluma, California, and run by Lisa Colorado. We have a small herd of colored Angora goats, care for pastured hens, raise pastured poultry and grow seasonal vegetables, legumes, herbs and hops.

The Angora goat herd is composed of five females named Jasmine, Marguerite, Daisy, Rae and Ruby; two wethers named Leo and Inigo; and one buck named Johnny. Lisa fell in love with this breed of goat because they are very friendly and personable (they are truly the dogs of the goat world), easy to manage, and for the beautiful mohair fiber that they produce.

After shearing the goats every April and September, we offer luxuriously soft mohair fiber from kids, yearling mohair and medium soft fiber from adults, in the form of raw, washed, naturally colored fiber. In late Spring a small selection of Angora offspring are also available to reserve and take home at three months of age.

The Angora goats are also used as part of the farm’s pasture management system, by moving the herd out every morning to a part of the pasture that is enclosed with portable net fencing for a week or two before pastured laying hens are moved onto it. By doing this, both the animals and fields are kept healthy and productive. The bedding straw and nanny manure that the goats produce is also used as mulch for the fledgling orchard and evergreen trees!

Lisa and JC strive to have their farm be an example of what can be done (even on a small scale) to connect back to whole food systems and self reliance. We hope that you will make the opportunity to visit the on-site farm stand, take a farm tour (Please call in advance to schedule), and to see for yourself first hand what is involved in creating and maintaining a productive and harmonious farm community.

Please visit our website for contact info and farm directions. You can also get updated farm happenings on Facebook by liking Sonrisa Family Farms.

Photo Credit: Alycia Lang