2019 Fibershed Symposium, by Nina and Sonya Montenegro of The Far WoodsThe 8th annual Fibershed Symposium will explore the role of partnership in elevating and activating right relationship with bioregional material culture.

From soil to skin, partnerships elevate our experience with fiber and dye systems, our opportunity to implement meaningful and vital work, our hope and resilience in a changing climate, and our potential to find common ground. At present, there are many points of disconnection between humans, plants, and animals, and from this separation stems confusion, ignorance, and even division in our human communities. Through partnering with one another we engage, we participate, we carry responsibility, and we are nurtured.

Hear from scientists, community leaders, landscape managers, and artists: together we will come to understand how partnerships support whole ecosystem health and connections between communities. We will hear elements and insights of effective partnerships, and we will listen to cultural context of critical truths and imbalances that must be restored to cultivate pathways to collaboration.

Partnerships span from rich and diverse microbial communities under our feet, to the carbon-sequestering grazing and planting practices made possible through human collaboration, research, and guidance, to creative fiber and dye projects that provide a sense of place through land-based education.

In this year’s Symposium, we will look into how we support one another in generating a vision, a practice, and in turn, an in-perpetuity culture invested in managing whole systems with heart, wisdom, and intellect. We will converse and ask questions about modern ideas of sustainability and deconstruct popular narratives whose time has come to be re-evaluated and elevated.

We recognize this event will take place on the traditional territory of the Southern Pomo and Coast Miwok peoples.

Symposium Marketplace

Free & Open to the Public All Day!

Fibershed marketplace goodsJoin us in lofting a regional fiber economy: meet farmers, ranchers and designers from within our 150-mile region who will be offering place-based goods and raw materials for textile creation in the Symposium Marketplace. Shop yarn, roving, clothes, soaps, bedding, sheepskins, home goods, and more, all made with 100% locally grown fiber and natural dyes.

The Symposium Marketplace is spread across the Dance Palace’s Main Hall and Church Hall: the Church Hall is free to access and open all day, and the Main Hall hosts the presentations and will be open to the public during the mid-day break from 12:30-2:30 pm.

Inside the main hall:

  • 5 Creek Farm
  • Blue Barn Farm
  • Bo-Rage Yarns and Design
  • Bodega Pastures
  • Kassenhoff Growers
  • Lani’s Lana
  • Meridian Jacobs
  • Vreseis Limited
  • Warner Mountain Weavers

Inside the church:

  • 2NFrom
  • Alpaca Shire & Double Diamond Alpacas
  • Barinaga Ranch
  • Black Rock Ranch & Blue Oak Canyon Ranch
  • Ewe & Me 2 Ranch
  • Fiber Confections
  • Heart Felt Fiber Farm
  • Menagerie Hill Ranch
  • Red Creek Farm
  • Sheep to Shop
  • Tree House Felt
  • Wild Oat Hollow

Outdoor vendors:

  • Chico Flax
  • Danu Organics
  • Full Belly Farm
  • Harvest & Mill
  • Love Spun Homespun
  • Mendocino Wool and Fiber
  • Starbuck Station Wools & Wild Rose Farm

Please visit the Fibershed Producer Directory to find more information on the marketplace vendors.

Community Partners located in the Lobby:

  • Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising
  • Fibershed Knitalong
  • Point Reyes Books
  • Santa Rose Junior College

Hands-on Demonstrations

Free & Open to the Public from 12:30-2:30 pm

Experience elements of the soil-to-skin process including sheep shearing, wool grading, heritage sheep, angora rabbits, felting, flax production, natural dyeing, spinning, weaving, mending, and primitive skills. The demonstrations take place outside on the Dance Palace front and back lawn, weather permitting.

North Lawn:

  • Visible Mending / Ashley Eva Brock
  • Angora Rabbit Shearing / Erin Maclean
  • Color Transmutation with our Plant Relatives / Grace Sullivan
  • Climate Beneficial™ Tapestry Weaving / Keyaira Terry
  • Plant Fiber Display, Stringmaking & Netmaking / Tamara Wilder
  • Felting / Tim Easterbrook

South Lawn:

  • Knitting Circle with Local Yarn Tasting / Gayle Ravenscroft
  • Shearing / Matthew Gilbert
  • Wool Classing / Stephany Wilkes

In the Main Hall (requires ticket, except during 12:30-2:30 break):

  • Local and Native Bast Fiber Exhibit / Nick Wenner

Fibershed Book Signing with Rebecca Burgess

Fibershed book by Rebecca Burgess

Rebecca will be signing her new book, Fibershed: Growing a Movement of Farmers, Fashion Activists, and Makers for a New Textile Economy from 1:00 to 2:00 pm at the Symposium.

More information about the book on our website.

Live Stream of the Symposium

Presentations & Panels

9:00 am — Introduction

  • Rebecca Burgess, Fibershed

9:15 am — Regenerating the Diversity of Life in Soils: Hope for Farming, Ranching, Environment, Nutritional Foods, and Climate

  • David Johnson, New Mexico State University

10:00 am — Land-based Partnerships that Elevate

  • Adam Boisvert, Urban Tilth
  • Kelsey Brewer, Gaudin Lab, UC Davis
  • Rex Dufour, Western Regional Office Director, NCAT
  • Miguel Garcia, Napa RCD
  • Nathanael Gonzales-Siemens, Organic Cotton Farmer

10:45 am — Coffee / Tea Break

11:00 am — Tending and Gathering: Creating the Conditions for Structural Changes to Support Ecosystem Function and Artistry

  • Irene Angel Vasquez, Southern Sierra Miwuk Nation

11:30 am — Partnerships that Elevate Land-based Aesthetics

  • Leslie Adkins, Heartfelt Fiber Farm
  • Sarah Danu, Danu Organics
  • Sally Fox, Vreseis/Fox Fibre® Colorganic®
  • Judi Pettite, BioHue
  • Gayle Ravenscroft, Pacific Knitting Retreats
  • Molly Taylor, PT Ranch

12:30 pm — Hands-on Demonstrations, Marketplace & Break

  • Demonstrations located outside; Marketplace located in the main hall, church & outside

2:30 pm — Community Updates

3:00 pm — The Root of Exploitation in American Land Use

  • Dominique Drakeford

4:00 pm — Coffee / Tea Break

4:15 pm — Partnering for Decentralized Systems that Take Full Responsibility for our Natural Fiber and Dye Future

  • Sarah Gilbert, Mendocino Wool & Fiber
  • Hiroko Kurihara, InnoFabrix
  • Marcail McWilliams, Valley Oak Wool Mill

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Original illustration by Nina and Sonya Montenegro of The Far Woods
Now available as a fine art giclee print: click here to order a print of the “Partnerships” illustration created by The Far Woods, and $5 from each sale will be donated to Fibershed’s Carbon Farm Fund to directly support agricultural practices that harmonize our climate imbalance and restore fiber and dye producing landscapes for biodiverse, ecological resilience.